Ian had information to give you, I didn t tell him anything. I doubt I could muster such mettle if I was in his position. The first thing he noticed was the hard floor beneath him.
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  • I forgot I put it there after the cool morning in June, Ted remarked, surprised that it was dry after the rainstorms the wagon had been through, but it had been protected by the seat. Linda came up behind them and heard him, What do you mean?
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    Her mouth formed a tight line and her nostrils flared.
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    He wanted her more than just to sate his thirst for her innocent blood.

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    He was thankful she didn t notice the stares she was receiving as she made her way down the sidewalk and across the courtyard to the science building. She recognized a few people from some of her classes.

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    There are strange 234 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story things happening there. Once the men left to help with the animals, Megan nudged Miriam in the side. How did my sister know? she asked, glancing over her shoulder at Una as she reached for a linen.

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    She had let her love for Lucas make her forget her friends and now one of them was missing. He flashed his gaze to Jason, we have a visitor. Lucas was right she had made her choice and she had to say goodbye to her friends.

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